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About This Bag:

>Made of soft, yet durable, vegan/faux brown leather.

>Dimensions are 12 inches in length by 7.5 inches in width.

>Weighs 0.5 pounds

>The inside is lined with high quality black satin and a zipped inner pocket.

>A magnetic closure is fixed on the flap for security.

>Beading detail is stitched firmly and neatly on the flap.


Welcome to our Mizizi Collection from Kenya!

Mizizi translates to root in Kenya’s official language of Swahili. Kenya recognizes most of its indigenous/native cultures, some of which has survived European colonialism. The Maasai community specifically continues to be rooted in its rich traditions and cultures and is heavily known for its beautiful beadwork and craftsmanship, creating jewelry and adornments to communicate status, community, and special occasions, and serves as the inspiration of our Mizizi Collection.

The Maasai (Maa language) are one of the few tribes that have retained most of their traditions, lifestyle and culture post European colonialism in Africa, operating in sync with with the wildlife and natural elements of the land. Until the European settlers arrived, Maasai tribes occupied the most fertile lands. Overtime the Maasai struggled to preserve their territory from the terrorism of armed British troops, and their lawyers never had a fair chance in British courtrooms. In 1904, the Maasai signed a first agreement, losing the best of their land to the European settlers.
The pieces in our Mizizi Collection has been curated to reflect our mission in bridging the cultural gaps in the Black diaspora and to also pay tribute to the beautiful uniqueness of Nairobi, Kenya and the Maasai culture.

Would you like more information on the Maasai community in Nairobi, Kenya? Please visit Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust: http://maasaiwilderness.org.

For a non-colonial view of Kenya and Africa in general, visit Dynast Amir’s Youtube channel, Search for Uhuru where he speaks with a Maasai elder on “education, colonialism, white supremacy, the future of black people on this planet and the origins of the Maasai.”

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 11 x 8 x 2 in


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